Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Other Chasers

I am putting together a list with links to other chasers blogs, So far I have added the ones that I visit regularly. If you would like your chase/wx blog added to my list, or would like to add me to your list, then shoot me an e-mail at: svrwxgirl@gmail.com, or lucyblinebury@yahoo.com

Please include your full name, and the URL of your blog/website.
Something I wrote ages ago:-

I go for miles to find you
On the chase for weeks on end
To be wrapped up in your awesome beauty
And awestruck by your ferocity
Such a beautiful entity
So powerful and frightening
Yet so amazing and beautiful
I chase for miles state after state
Watching the clouds and watching the sky..
I go for weeks if not years without seeing you
But I know my hunting will not always be in vain
I wish to watch you tear across the plains
With your destructive beauty and your fearful wrath
Because while I fear your destruction and deadly winds
Your beauty and power are what draws me to you
I somehow wish I could be picked up by you

And taken on a journey for miles and miles
But I know that is a death wish
As I know no tornado will put me down safely!
Everyone runs from you
I want to run to you.. beautiful tornado..
One day I will see you
Whether I live to tell the tale or no
I'll still chase long days on the highways
Surrounded by burning sun and fields of corn
And prairies that stretch out forever and ever

Wondering if at the end I will find my perfect storm
...And my perfect tornado..
Wondering if I will live to share my experience
With any one other than my self..
Or perhaps just the Tornado..

The only one who will be the last to see me
Under this big dark stormy sky..

...Take me away..

Lucy Blinebury 2008

Remainder of June and July so far...

Have been PAINFULLY slow here in the Great Lakes region. The temps have been somewhat chilly for July, and June, as a whole has been pretty wet. As for severe wx...practiaclly non-existent. A few high elevated T-stms, and lots of precip...

I am guessing the El-Nino pattern has a big part to play in this odd wx situation.
I am really wishing we were back in 2008. That was a BIG year for me, as it was my first in the USA, and the severe wx was plentiful... what was it...30 reported tornadoes in IN last year? Compared to this years paltry 11-12?
I have only seen pea size hail ONCE this summer, so far...

Yeah...very dull and very quiet.
I have been out chasing a couple times, and have gotten on the odd isolated storm, including a random cell in Peoria, IL...but nothing severe, or amazing has happened... So no pics as I havent gotten anything worth photographing.

There is a video or two on my You tube site, of some lightning on I74... but really... not much else going on.

Apart from seeing a VERY faint cold-air funnel cloud this past Sunday. I saw it when I was coming back from purchasing a new camera tripod. It lasted all of about a minute.

Well, I am hoping to get back out west sometime in September. We will see what the Wx brings.
I have some friends coming to visit me from OK, for the Nascar Race, then I am heading to Wisconsin after that...so Ill be busy over the next week or so.

In the meantime... send me some severe wx. Package it and label it to: Svr Wx Girl, Speedway, IN. Thanks :)