Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog on the Fritz and Hurricane Ida

I am referring to Blogger, which apparently you cant sign into unless your google account (WTF) is associated with it. Hello...I have Yahoo, and that is what I have always used to sign in to make posts and edit my Blog.

After much p*ssing around I have managed to get in here to make this post, this is for the most part really a test post, but I am (was) planning on adding to the blog in the very near future...(providing I am able to log back in here.) If not, then it looks as though you wont be hearing from me in a while, which is a shame, as I have a few updates to put in here.

I really DONT feel like making a new blog altogether, as a) I dont have the time, and b) my Facebook was recently raped by a hacker, which meant I had to make a brand new one, and re-add all my friends again, (some probably still think I deleted them, and as a consequence havent accepted my request), but hey...whatever. Obviously not that much of a friend if thats your assumption...

Anyway, Other news, I have been spending the morning tracking what WAS HURRICANE Ida. She is now a Tropical Storm. The next few days will tell if/when she gets back out on the water and re-intensifies. If she does, and she gets as far as the GOM, she will be the first (and only) Tropical system to affect the US in 2009.

I will be watching closely, as I am in the mood for a Hurricane Intercept...