Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Storm chase 08/19/09 Covington, Indiana

For much of the day I had been feeling somewhat pessimistic about todays set up. I had expected all the decent storms to fire up way out west, not even so much here in IN.

I believed I wasn't going to be able to get a chase in at all today. The set up was not looking strong enough to warrant me going that far out, never mind the gas tank situation. I spent the majority of the day back and forth with some of my chase buddies online, pessimistic about the whole thing. It was pretty obvious to some of them I was extremely fed up and was indeed suffering quite the case of SDS!!

I got back from being out with Gary and his work friends from a work lunch, and got back online, and tracked the weather, and followed changing patterns on the RUC, and watched in amazement as things began to look progressively more favorable further east of the original target areas.

Oh sweet. Maybe I might get some chasing in after all! Oh yes this would be absolutely sweet!!!

Everything had begun trending further to the east than I had anticipated, and lo and behold - The MCD pointed toward a severe t-stm risk with tornado possibilities in western central and northern IN as well as IL.

I had been following the news of tornadoes in MN earlier that day, so I thought...Maybe...Just maybe!
The atmosphere was beginning to look rife for it! I began to get extremely excited. I was getting pumped up to take chase. I wished to be on the hunt again...

I text Gary who was on his way home at this time and he agreed we should chase this set up! We will get some awesome structure/shelf cloud shots if nothing else! We still have several daylight hours yet. So Gary made it home by 5pm and we were on the road by 5.05pm.

As I often am, on a chase, I was silent with anticipation and hope as we began to surge up I74 west.
I am hunting down the power and beauty of Mother Nature once more. Such a thrilling prospect.

There is no other rush like it as I head out on a storm chase, this is the best feeling I know! Dark storminess begins to loom in the distant west, and my excitement levels go up a notch. What, I wonder is enclosed in this beautiful dark ominous cover? What beautiful storm awaits me there?
I have to meet it, I need to see. We continued to drive toward the storm. My anticipation continued to grow... So much I wanted to be back in the presence of another storm.

Soon enough I was greeted with the beautiful gift of a gorgeous and sumptuous shelf cloud. So long I had waited for this moment or so it felt. It was beautiful.

Finally we came to a stop on an intersection in some corn fields. I jumped out of the car to sample this beautiful yet menacing wonder, and the sound of Covingtons tornado sirens blaring in the distance... and very soon beneath this awesome shelf cloud, GC and intra-cloud lightning began to emanate.

What a beautiful gift, this was to me.
I stood and watched for many moments as the shelf began to reach our location, and then roll over us.

As it did so, the gust front winds began to blast us, whipping sand and dust at me, at 70mph.
Oh it felt so good. So strong, It could have easily picked me up and taken me with it.It felt awesome. I loved this feeling...such power surrounding and embracing me, the rush was so awesome, I wanted it to last forever, as I continued to watch the lightning strike the ground ahead of me.

I wanted to remain with this storm for as long as I could.

Soon, after the gust front came through, the rain appeared north of us, and the lightning closer. On this note we retreated back to the safety of the vehicle, knowing the risk of lightning, while I find it so beautiful and enchanting, and my want to stand out in the rain and get a good soaking, I knew it would be too dangerous.

We sat in the car and watched the rain curtain north of us flank the entire horizon. I turned to look southward, and noticed the very same thing happening...the precipitation curtain was defined by the brightness, where the sun would have been, above the storm. Although we were well and truly underneath the storms dark cover, we still didn't have rain upon us. However I could have sworn there was rotation in the turbulent cloud mass above us, which was now pea soup green. Oh it was beautiful.

I was ready to see a tornado!

Soon we were engulfed by rain. A wall of water closed in around us, so we began to drive, with the intention of heading north east to parallell this storm, and perhaps get out in front of it again. We criss crossed the roads in the cornfields engulfed in rain shafts that blew this way and that...the corn blew violently this way then that way, as did the trees, as we went.

I looked out of the side window, and could have sworn I could see more rotation up above me, as the rain swirled all around, I wished I could have been out in the elements to sample this!

Soon, we came upon HWY 41, which ultimately took us to I74. We headed back out due east and came out in front of the storm again, the wonderful shelf cloud ominous in my wing mirror this time!

At about this time, Nowcasters were reporting to me that there was a funnel cloud sighting in Lafayette!
My radar was down again, so I had no way of reading this storm apart from what was going on around me.

Such a rush, being in the unknown.

Another one of my Nowcasters informed me she had seen rotation on radar very close to my location (Nr I74) at that time.

I, however did not see a tornado...

We came upon Crawfordsville, where we had enough time for restroom break and Subway for dinner to eat on the run. While we were in Subway, Gary ordered food while I went back outside to watch the storm roll in the way it had in Covington.

I was ready to sample the storm again...I pushed the door to get back outside, and it was damn near impossible. The winds were up high again, blowing me around, this time it wasn't as intense, but the Subway staff were ready to hunker down!

By this time although it still looked beautiful, my storm had begun to weaken. I wanted one more chance to dance with it tonight...

...So we drove further east again to catch one more sample... Several miles later we found a spot and jumped out and were greeted by blasting winds one last time. Still the pea soup color swirled above our heads, still convective enough for me to want more time with the storm.

This is my heaven, my bliss. Such a whole feeling when the shelf rolled over me one last time. Beautiful lightning, and booming thunder.

Thank you, Mother Nature for giving today, I said silently, as I watched the surrounding trees sway in the wind, and the rain begin its march eastward.

We finally headed back eastward to the Metro where we knew the storm would ride over us by nightfall, which gave me a great feeling that the possibility of a lightning show in the Coke Lot (My spotting location) would be imminent in an hour or so.
The night was still young...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

07/28/2009-Sweet Lightning Show: Thorntown, IN

NB: ( I Havent been here to update for such a long time, again. This is just because life gets in the way. Anyway, I have taken it upon myself to try and make my blog a little more exciting to read by adding a touch of creative writing to my posts, as having sat there and read through my past entries, I have found them a bit dull, descriptively. I hope this new approach works: You will have to let me know. )


I had been watching some rogue cells on radar in the northern part of the state for a good portion of the afternoon. I was trying to resist the urge to meet them as they didn't really show any signs of moving south.
They seemed to be drifting East without much southern motion, at first, but on a susequent radar check a little later, there were many more cells popping up, tempting me to head north and greet them.

They had grown in size and there were hail core signatures beginning to appear with some of them.

It became too much, the decision to chase was made.We headed I65 north!On route, beautiful cumulonimbus towered overhead, around and above us... Teasing my mind all the way!

(Heading up I74 North)
These were not yet seen on radar, but had my attention anyway, promising me good things would come. Thoughts of impending powerful storms came to me as we continued to travel, thoughts of lightning sweeping the dark sky and hail, with rotating wall clouds... And...The quiet hope and anticipation of an unexpected but unlikely tornado?We continued as the skies in front of us began to darken, but little structure was to be seen!

Not even a shelf cloud, I quickly realized that this maybe bust. One streak of lightning and ten minutes later, we drove through rain! My dissappointment was quite apparent! These promising cells had began to dissipate as they moved slowly south east. We headed south back through Delphi, and began to drive to head for home... I began to think there probably wouldn't be anymore storms tonight...

I looked at the radar, in exasperation, at the green mess that had once been a collection of beautifully shaped dark red images of convection, gazing at me tempting me only an hour before... I then looked at the sky, with its dreary grey overcast rain, and another lump reached my throat-I hate this storm-killing State! I HAVE to move!

We drove back out into the dry airmass which warmed us as we opened the windows once more, and I gazed wistfully at the cumulus that still continued to grace the sky... Warm air rushing into the truck.The radar now showed me a line of cells to the west of the state, in the Crawfordsville area.

( The color of the skies were beautiful, despite the unsuccessful cells in the Delphi area)

...I shouted out "Crawfordsville-can we get there in less than 20 minutes?"My husband/chase partner said "we can try..."

We headed south, then west, and I kept my eyes open and watched the sky....It began to darken once more as the line of cells slowly made their way east...My excitement and anticipation began to build once more, as we drove as fast as we legally could to intercept this now growing cell, which was showing a heavy rain core, and no signs of weakening.

We entered the small town of Thorntown, and a few flashes in the sky brought me positive thoughts that this time I would meet a good storm, I was excited to embrace this darkness...

We drove underneath its dark blanket, and soon, CG began to hit the ground around and ahead of us.
A beautiful and enchanting sight.

Exhilaration filled me, and adrenaline, as we saw the huge shelf cloud coming over the horizon.To me, this is the most beautiful sight in the world. We pulled over onto the side of the road, and stopped the engine,

I wanted to hear the thunder.
The radio was turned off, and the only sound for miles around was a light breeze and rumbling thunder in the distance. It was such a calming sound, yet thrilling at the same time.
The gust front winds began to whip around the cabin and make my hair fly in the warm breeze...
The lightning became much more frequent. The shelf was almost overhead now, and with awe we watched it roll overhead.It may not have been reported as a severe storm, we didn't know.

(The rain filled skies darken, we lose daylight, as the storm closes in right over us)

My cell phone radar had crapped out, as it likes to do when we intercept a storm, and I had not brought the laptop.
This is how I sometimes like to chase. I don't often want to be ensconced in so much of the techy side of chasing. I want to see what nature wants to show me, after my patient searches...

Raw energy from mother nature came crashing around us as the thunder became louder, and the rain began to fall... And OH BOY, the rain FELL.
Quickly we closed the windows. Its Gilgamesh! The curtain of precipitation was like a grey wall that now covered everything that we had seen in front of us, the only other visual element at that time is the CG lightning, flickering all around.
Exhilaration overtook me, as the crack of thunder boomed around the truck cabin.

It was as though we could feel it rumble beneath us! An amazing but unnerving this was followed by another bright CG which hit the ground less than quarter of a mile away from our position!
The storm was right on top of us, and the rain was as strong as it had been when it first began to fall.

For a good 20 minutes this storm sat on top of us, throwing CG all around us, providing us with a fabulous show...We sat as daylight quickly dissappeared, and contnued to watch this storms beautiful lightning show.

Mesmerized, and extremely happy, I gazed into the dark chasm of the storm, as the thunder roared around us, and the lightning kept on lighting up around us. What a beautiful sight! I could have sat back and watched this all night...I wished so much to get out the truck, and be right inside the storm, but I knew it was far too dangerous, with this much lightning.

It was so tempting, but I told myself no! We contnued to sit in the cabin, as the rain continued to beat the windshield, and the roof, and the thunder contnued to crack and rumble in our presence.
This storm truly wanted to give us a show, it seemed to know that we were enjoying every moment. It seemed to be playing up to that!
Another half an hour passed us by, and the stationary storm cell finally began to abate, and slowly head east. The rain began to die down, yet the lightning and thunder continued to surround us, albeit less frequent.
We began to drive on a bit, as it began to settle down some... Soon the rain was no more, and the cell began to deplete.
We headed south, and stopped for some food, then we picked up the interstate (I 74) back to the Metro, to head for home,
I watched the now rather infrequent distant lightning in the dark skies, miles to our north, on our left, as we drove home, thanking Mother Nature for fullfilling my desire for storms that night...